Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Real Hustler

While this film was very good I don't really have a lot to say about it. It's The Hustler, in case you don't get my totally cryptic titles.

Paul Newman.... Well he is magnificent... It's the only way to describe him; his acting, his charm and most importantly his eyes! The sparkle beautifully, even in black and white. Being the 60's it doesn't have the incredible camera effects that take my breath away but for the time, the cinematography was wonderful. The minimal soundtrack also is excellently used.

Newman couldn't keep his stick away from Gleason's balls

And, I may be wrong, Paul Newman (Fast Eddie) must've learnt to play pool as well as his character does.. I can't see how they'd do half the shots if he didn't. The same goes for Jakie Gleason (Minnesota Fats,) who was also brilliant. It's definately on my must see list. And for you people that disregard black and white because you're too modern, watch this film. And then Psycho. And then Schindler's List. I could go on for hours. But my point is you forget there is no colour within minutes.

"One of these days Newman.. POW! Right to the pocket"
Overall this film is awesome. It's 194th on IMDB's top 250 and somewhere in Empire Magazine's top 500. If that doesn't prove it's a good'un then you clearly are a fan of Meet The Spartans and Disaster Movie.

Well thats all from me today :)

Best Bit? The 40 or so hour game of pool between Gleason and Newman. Brilliant.

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