Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dail P For Phone Booth

First let me get this out of the way. OMG COLIN FARRELL!!!! OMGOMGOMG <3
Okay that's done. Phone Booth today. Unfortunately this film hasn't always been well received! I think this is an utter shame as it is very good. Though the important critics (Empire, Elbert) gave it good reviews and it has stocked up 7.2 stars on IMBD, along come the trolls *evil look.* You know the people that don't understand the suspension of disbelief and pick holes in those little bits. Even though everything in this film is perfectly possible, be it very very unlikely at times, these trolls still complain that, 'there's no way they could've seen that coming or planned for that in advance.' The film is about a creepy genius on a phone! He's smarter than you, deal with it.

Colin Farrell, Forest Whitaker and Kiefer Sutherland's voice star in this awesome thriller. Stu (Farrell) is a cock, a publicist and trapped. After popping to the phone booth for his daily call to his young lady friend, Pam, the phone rings. On the other end of the call is a psycho with a gun and he's watching every little move Stu makes. Stu is trapped. If he hangs up, BANG! If he leaves the phone booth, BANG! What does the caller want? For Stu to admit his mistakes, to tell his wife, Kelly, the truth... Or does he? After a fight with prostitutes and a pimp, the police come and believe Stu is the 'bad guy.'

Understandably, there was a queue for Colin's love booth.

Colin Farrell is, without a doubt, one of my favourite actors. Sure he's in bad films now and then but come on! Have you seen 'In Bruges?' No? Go see it. This film also brings out his acting ability. His descent from a cockish asshole into a selfless, repentant blubbering heap is slow and phenomenal. Remember I criticised Last House On The Left because the character's decent into madness was too sudden? This is the opposite. Whitaker is also great though he doesn't really have a lot to do.. But we'll forgive that because of his role in Last King Of Scotland. Kiefer Sutherland is brilliant! His voice is smooth, calm and dripping with murderous venom. His laugh is truly psychotic and his orders are precise and controlling. 24? Pfffttt kids play for him. This is where he shines.

But alas! What's this? Joel Schumacher directed? The same person who directed Batman + Robin? But that film was awful? But this film isn't awful. Schumacher shows that he is a good director here with brilliant camera angles, amazing vision and wonderful direction. 12 days this film took to film! 12! That's amazing! But he did have a great cast so whatcha expect? Supposedly Colin Farrell got a round of applause at doing his long, emotional speech in one take. Oh and the extras didn't have scripts! Their reactions were genuine. No wonder the film was so good and had a realistic sense.

Leon didn't like Colin stealing his buisness

This film is totally worth a watch. It's only 80 minutes and is really worth it. And you can watch it again; that's the beauty of it. It's not one of those films you say, 'okay I've seen it. Never again." It leaves you wondering and you go back to watch it again.

Best Bit? "You're bringing back memories of my horrid childhood Stu, stop it! I'm just kidding. I had a great childhood." Classic

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