Oscars 2015


This year, I approach The Oscars with my co-presenter Heather and her views on all of the Best Picture nominees. These have been included below. 


American Sniper (Best Sound Editing)

'It's a man with a gun. It's an American Sniper. Who should really just go home to his children... He's basically got a big boy complex.' 

Birdman (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography)

'A man has a problem with birds.'

Boyhood (Best Supporting Actress) 

'It's about a boy who grows up. And his mum cries. I didn't like that bit.'

The Grand Budapest Hotel (Best Score, Best Production Design, Best Costume, Best Hair and Make Up)

'There's a lot of cool colours in this and everything is in the middle.'

The Imitation Game (Best Adapted Screenplay)

'The really irritating thing about The Imitation Game was that you expected the computer to come to life and have a voice and stuff. Nonetheless, it was emotional. It was deep.' 

Selma (Best Song)

'It was a bit serious. I kind of lost interest after they blew up the children. It was heavy.'

The Theory of Everything (Best Actor)

'The film was your average romance gone wrong... A bit like a rom-com without the com.' 

Whiplash (Best Supporting Actor, Best Sound Mixing, Best Editing) 

'It was about a drummer who drums. Who wants to drum better. (Spoiler alert) And succeeds, end of story.  Not there was much of an end. I appreciated it but I wanted closure. I'm a 21 year old female who needs the huggy part at the end of a film.'

Other Nominees:

Guardians of the Galaxy (Best Make-up and Hair, Best Visual Effects)

Interstellar (Best Production Design, Best Music, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, Best Visual Effects - Won)

The LEGO Movie (Best Original Song - Everything is Awesome)

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