Monday, 19 April 2010

You're Whipped *Woootshhh*

Yeah creative name for a change eh?

This is me raving about Whip It...
Despite Empire Magazine deceiving me into believing that Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page made out, it lived up to my expectations and, at points, surpassed them. (Oh and for all those now disappointed that there's no lesbians, Ellen Page still strips in a swimming pool... It is still rather hot)
Annnyyyyyyyhooooooooo I LOVE Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore so this film was great fun. It switches between a coming of age film, with genuinely touching moments, to a fierce comedy with laugh out loud (or LOL for you young people) moments.

Why so good? I'm not quite sure... Everything about it shouldn't work... but it does. The main plot,a beauty pageant queen who decides she likes the violent life of roller derby. The subplot, her mum doesn't like it. That is about it... A couple of cliche twists added in, eg. a boy. Shocker. But why did I like it? Mainly the characters. Ellen Page's character in particular. She connected with the part and made it a lot more real. She is a suburb actress (Check out 'Juno' people) and this continues her outstanding talents. Still my favourite character was the director's. What? You don't know? It's directed by Drew Barrymore! And she plays the aptly named, Smashley Simpson. (Yeah they have awesome names) She brings the most comedy out of the film with great lines like, "Lemme talk to her mum; I'll knock her unconscious." She's violent, funny and also sexy. (But they all are in their costumes)

Speaking of direction, it was one of the best debuts I have ever seen. But then Spielberg is her Godfather and supposedly, at the age of six, she would tell him where to put the camera. Barrymore knew what she wanted and she did it. She also performed in the film which is awesome because she must have been directing while wearing roller skates and a sexy outfit.

The best bit? Not sure.. It's a toughie this time. Oh gotttitt! But its a spoiler.... The best bit is a slap... I cheered when it happened , to the embarrassment of my friends. Keep an eye out for it

Signing off :)

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