Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Guns Are Bad

A lot of movies are released every year and it is impossible to get round to watching all of them. This means that it takes me a few years to even hear about movies that I should watch. Today's review is an e/xample of such a movie. Released in 2007, Channel 4 and my housemate are to thank (or are they) for me watching today's film. This is The Brave One.

David (Naveen Andrews) and Erica (Jodie Foster) are a happy couple and are planning for their weding. In their happy married life, they go for walks with their dog and flirt over the colour of their wediing invitations. However, one night time stroll, their dog runs off down a tunnel and into the hands of some thugs. The thugs, when they don't get what they want, brutally attack Erica and David, leaving them both in critical condition. While Erica survives, David does not. Erica has to adjust and, having trouble leaving her apartment, decides to buy a gun for protection in the city of New York, the city she once loved. But guns are dangerous things and from the second she gets it, in less than legal circumstances, it starts causing problems. Serious problems.

After not eating much in hospital, all Erica wanted was a subway. 

The acting in the film is fantastic. By far the best aspect of the movie. The characters have such connections that feel genuine and heartfelt. Jodie Foster's Erica was a brilliant representation of someone who had experienced real pain and suffering, someone who is crippled by fear and confusion. Her on screen relationship with Naveen Andrews' David is completely believable and touching. That love for David is visible throughout her entire performance. Terrence Howard's Detective Mercer, while lacking conviction in his emotions, is a great character. He is great fun to watch and ocassionally, there is a glimpse of brilliance in his acting. Again, he connects excellently with Jodie Foster on screen and together they make a completely engaging movie.

Simply wanted to point out how dashing Terrence Howard is in a suit.

The biggest downfall with the film is the music. Often it completely detracts from the action on screen rather than drawing attention to it. It is not just a question of misplaced music, but also of a bad choice of music. Sometimes it sounds like the score from a large scale blockbuster has been placed over the film rather than create a more accurate atmosphere. On top of this, the cinematographer gets a little carried away with his spinning camera. Far too often, one has to tilt their head almost ninety degrees in order to watch the film. And admitedly, the script has enough holes in to have a round of golf. The overall plot is fine and dandy, it is just in the details. Buying a gun from a dodgy man in a backstreet of New York after not leaving your apartment for fear of the people outside, is but one example of these aggrivating holes.

An engaging film. The acting and overall direction make up for the technical faults and it is still a completely watchable film. The 122 minutes do not drag on and that's always the key for a two hour movie. A good time killer but no masterpiece.

Best Bit? My personal favourite scene was Erica's interview with Mercer. Some of the best acting in the film.

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  1. Guns are really bad if they are used to harm someone