Monday, 25 April 2011

In a Bit of a Tangle.

Ah Disney. Despite being a world ruling corporation, they know how to animate. Ol' Walt revolutionised animation several times. He introduced sound, colour and full length feature animations. It's a famous question: What's your favourite disney film. You'll here classics. Bambi, Snow White, Hercules, Aladin etc. But why those? Because they have a wonderful formula. A great story combined with great and classic songs. For years, older generations have been yearning for a return to old school disney animation. While they have added an extra dimension, Disney have listened to their fans and produced a 3D fairytale that screams classic Disney. That's right. It's Tangled.

After 17 years in a tower, Rapunzel had got good at puppetry.

Innocent and naive Rapunzel has been locked away in a tower by her 'mother' or rather, her kidnapper. You see, Rapunzel's hair can heal so Mother Gothel has trapped her in order to harness the hair's powers to keep herself young. One day, runaway thief Flynn Rider stumbles across the tower and after some debating and fighting witha frying pan, he agrees to take her out of the tower to 'The Floating Lights.' Thus a wild goose chase occurs. Rapunzel's adopted mother is on the search for her, guards are on the search for Flynn, Flynn's buddies are on the search for Flynn and Rapunzel's real parents are still hoping that their lost daughter will return.

The movie, obviously, is aimed primarily at children. But what Disney is particularly good at is creating animated adventures that appeal to everyone. Perhaps even more so with Tangled as it brings back memories of the almost lost Disney family movie. Sometimes it was just the kids laughing, sometimes it was just the adults but what is really crucial here is that everyone enjoyed it. The voice actors were perfect. Not only did their voices really suit the characters but they had real raw talent with their singing. Speaking of the songs, it's nice to see the Disney musical comeback. There's even a horse with personality. It's like the 40s all over again.

Despite the fact they had a saucepan, They were still terrified of the Giant Pancake.

The animation was superb. The animators took such care in this mvie that they made every single hair on Rapunzel's head move individually. That gives you an idea of the attention that these animators provide. You know when that much care and attention has been put into a movie, the animation at least will be stunning. And it is. From Rapunzels eyes to the many rising chinese lanterns. Yes, there have been other decent animated movies by Disney recently such as Bolt (which I will review) but they haven't had that Disney feel. You know what I mean. A genuienly good movie. With such a wonderful story combined with incredible animation. Some new favourite movie quotes are in this movie.

This film is what the later Shreks wished they had've been. Original, funny, and based off a fairy story. There's loads of small references to other Disney princesses (Check Rapunzel's staircase) and that previously mentioned Disney feel makes the whole film seem just that bit better than other animated movies.

Best Bit? I personally loved I've Got A Dream. A song about Thug's dreams. Classic.

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