Sunday, 27 February 2011

Winter's Innuendo.

There's always one film nominated for several Oscars that nobody has actually seen. This is often because they're low budget films that didn't get a large release so had a very small advertisement campaign. Often, these films are so under-appreciated and this is an example of such a film getting the recognition it deserves. Winter's Bone.

A film about rednecks. Them fellas from down the southern states of the US of A. But it is so good. 17 year old Rees (Jennifer Lawrence) looks after her two younger siblings and her sick mother since her father is nowhere to be found. This becomes a particularly big issue when he uses their house to pay his bail. If he doesn't turn up to his trial, the family lose the house. This sets Rees on an adventure to find her father. Bumping into many a southern hick, she begins to get into trouble. But she finds help in Teardrop (John Hawkes) who also says that it is likely her father is dead. Either way, dead or alive, finding him will save her family.

Two nominated performances. Hawkes and Lawrence. Let's start with Lawrence. Apparently, statistically, it helps to 'ugly up' for a role if you you would like an Oscar. Jennifer Lawrence does this more than any other nominee. Firstly, in reality, she is stunning. In the movie, she's... well... a redneck. That's uglying up. Plus her performance is captivating. She makes an hour seem like ten minutes. From smart, to violent, to terrified. She does everything and she does it well. Her slightly dark yet inspiring performance is certainly worth the Oscar. Unfortunately, she's not very heard of and therefore unlikely to get it. Hopefully she'll get a gong one day. John Hawkes is also very good and very surprising. It seems, early on the film, like he'll be a real jerk. A typical hick. But he is really touching. Also nominated in possibly the most contested category he stands next to no chance of winning which is a shame. His performance is on of the most varied in the year. His range is stunning. Stunning I say.

As you do.

Generally a very good film. Dark, aggressive but also very touching. It basically encompasses everything. The score particularly stood out for me. Very minimalistic but when it comes in, it blends so well and doesn't make a big deal or slip into cliches. I'm so fed up of dramatic music over mild moments to make them seem dramatic. Really very good. Camera work has glimpses of brilliance but is mostly a little generic.

I actually adore this movie. Further proof that you don't need a lot of money to make a damn good movie. Big budget films are getting repetitive but low budget ones are really stunning (Just look at the hurt locker.) This is really my type of movie.

Best bit? All of it. It's really good.

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