Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A One Sided Battle?

When the whole world is prepared to fight, you or I may hide away to keep safe. Not Scott Pilgrim. Nope. He versus the world. The new movie, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, shows us these events. Admittedly, he doesn't really take on the whole world... Just some bad people.
Basically, Scott (Michael Cera) falls for Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) after she appears in his dream. Ditching his 17 year old Chinese girlfriend he opts for the pink haired Ramona instead. This, of course, is before he realises that to win her over he must defeat her evil exes... Her Seven. Evil. Exes. With help from his band, Sex Bob-omb, and his roommate, Wallace, he will fight his way armed with nerdy-ness, a bass guitar and, at times, a flaming sword.

The movie was ruined by some grafitti scrawled on the film

Great performances all round. Of course, this is nerd humour. One of the best types. There's still all types of humour and you will laugh regardless. Kieran Culkin steals the show with his comic timing and brilliant one-liners as Scott's gay roommate, Wallace. But really, this is one of the funniest films in a long time; Kick Ass and Hangover, move over. With a killer soundtrack and some fancy camera tricks this movie notches up to top class. Plus plenty of Zelda, Mario and every other video game ever references. Enjoy them nerds... Enjoy them.

The cute couple being checked out by Young Neil

Hot Fuzz/ Shaun Of The Dead director, Edgar Wright, really pulls of this graphic novel/comic book/ game world and makes it work. No doubt people will attempt to copy this style... And fail. Don't watch the movie expecting it to be like reality. This movie is set like a musical. However, instead of randomly bursting into song and dance, they burst into song and fight. Believe me. Music is a key element. (Though rock music is the main genre here.)

A really really good film. Watch it.

Best bit? The all-too-brief sitcom style scene. Brilliant cross genre work.

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