Thursday, 25 March 2010

Films on my mind today

Not many films on my mind today....

I watched The Godfather Part II earlier today.... was by far the longest I have sat watching a film.... but it was still good... especially Robert DeNiro's part of the film.

But mainly on my mind today is the third installment of the new Batman series. The privacy behind it is somewhere between annoying and magnificent. But I'm sure of one thing; the film will challenge the likes of Titanic and Avatar for money. The Dark Knight being the sucess it was, its sequel should shoot through the roof.
I would love to make crazy assumptions of the cast but for the life of me I cannot. Never the less, without being crazy and unrealistic, I have a few actors in mind who i would like to see pop up. And Eddie Murphy is most certainly not there. What I would give for David Tennant to play The Riddler.

But enough of that... When I watch a film I may well review it on here.... we'll see :)

Signing off :)

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